Aqua Mix Products

Aqua Mix

Category: Tile - Floor/Wall
Subcategory: Care Products

Aqua Mix cleaners are specially formulated to provide the perfect cleaning solution for any stone, tile, and grout surface.

Subcategory: Remover/Stripper

Aqua Mix removes tough, deep-set stain, strips old sealers and adhesives, and cleans up grout haze.

Subcategory: Sealer

Aqua Mix products protect the surface by putting a stain resistant barrier between the contaminate and the stone, tile, and grout.

Subcategory: Stain/Colorant

Aqua Mix grout colorants are easy to apply and seal, restore, and re-color grout.

Subcategory: Restore/Repair

Use Aqua Mix products to bring back the life and beauty to dull, scratched or etched, and neglected natural stone.